Things 20, 21, 22 and 23

Thing #20 – YouTube: To be honest, I’m surprised this is on the list with all the attention it gets in mainstream media and email forwards. Nonetheless, I found these how-tos for RSS and PowerPoints to be amusing.

Thing #21 – Podcasts: I already do these for random things I hear on the radio that my schedule doesn’t allow me to listen to in real time. From, I like the InfoSpeak content so I added it to my RSS feed.

Thing#22 – Ebooks: This has been a major topic of discussion in my Electronic Resources For Youth class, particularly among those of use who have teaching experience, particularly Tumblebooks and the International Children’s Digital Library. Personally, I think the more that is available to students and parents, the better. However, there is something to be said for the human factor and sitting crossed-legged listening to stories being read aloud. But how lucky are we that we can have both?!

Thing #23 – Copyright and Creative Commons: How timely – a partner and I are presenting a mock lesson tomorrow to a group of imaginary 5th graders about the importance of copyright and the costs and feelings associated with plagiarism. I’ve used CC before and have generally found what I needed.

Final Impression of the “23” – I really enjoyed this exercise. I got a whole lot out of it. What I particularly liked were the discovery exercises and suggestions for building familiarity with a process or feature. I’m not sure I would have initiated a blog on my own, but now that I’ve begun, I can carry it over to a library position and expand upon it there. So, thank you to the folks (Vaughn and the crew) behind the “23 Things”.


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Things 16, 17, 18 and 19

Thing #16 – Wikis: There is humor everywhere…. from the Library Success. A Best Practices Wiki under the “Working Together” heading, the “Successful Collaborations” section’s “Tips on Developing Collaborative Relationships with Faculty Members/Teachers” is completely empty.

I think Advanced Placement Wikis are a great idea and so is this idea by Steve Hargadon

Thing #17 – “Sandbox”: 55 innovative ideas from the CA Curriculum Connections. Investigating wikis for library and educational purposes, I found this, which I thought was very useful.

Thing #18– Zoho: this would be a super site for teachers and students to use, especially the templates for progress reports, project assignments, and multiple choice tests . One in particular caught my eye, the Hostel Nutrition Log. For my Electronic Resources for Youth class, my partners and I have to design and produce a website for children with a minimum of three pages. Our project will be over nutrition, aimed at a 5th grade audience. Aside from using HTML, intuitive design, and the other skills we have to demonstrate, the site must provide age appropriate educational information for our target audience while building media literacy. A link to the nutrition log would meet both those expectations.

Thing #19 – LibraryThing: On my way to Information Resources class Thursday night, LibraryThing was on the radio. I’ve cataloged a few of my books and was amused by the numbers of how many folks share my titles. BTW, When Zachary Beaver Came to Town is the book I credit for really sparking my interest in becoming a librarian – not that it is about librarians, as such, but I liked it so much that I wanted to share it with kids.


Random books from my library
powered by LibraryThing

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Things 13, 14, 15

that was the river, this is the sea…

That line by The Waterboys kept running through my mind during this exercise…

Thing #13: – I already do a version of this for my own purposes, but I can understand the value of bookmarking favorites this way, especially sharing them. However, and I write this is in light of the experimental nature of the “23 Things” exercise (which is to build awareness and familiarity in 2.0), I’m beginning to wonder which online organizational tools I will return to on a regular personal basis without feeling, “Ugh! One more thing to manage, maintain and moderate”. From a professional standpoint, this will be great on a school library homepage. BTW, via, I now have an RSS for T.H.E. Journal

Thing #14: Technorati – really liked this because of the variety, in particular a blog entry about how library schools are/are not preparing students for the 21st century. Hmm. Since I’m a Gen Xer who has taught Millennials, I’ve made a concerted effort to, at the minimum, maintain an awareness for the differences in our learning styles, our technological expectations and our virtual realities. Sometimes that keeping up makes me feel a little old. Does now. The main difference I am gleaning is not how we use technology but why. Tags are a brilliant idea. But the volume can be overwhelming.

Thing #15: Web 2.0 and a “knowledge spas and mind gyms” that is an interesting concept. Now I have a goal for my elementary school library (before I get my dream job in Haines): give those kids a mind gym…and a few “Doritos for the mind” as my mom used to say. All things in balance. As Christopher Harris stated in his School Library Journal article, “School Library 2.o” school libraries have the ability to really serve their school communities by bringing the resources and the innovation to the campus, rather than having the campus come to the library. From a pragmatic perspective this will be an easier achievement in some schools than in others; paradigm shifts can be almost indiscernible sometimes in public education, but they do happen. Consequently, 2.0 and beyond will require teacher-librarian/school media specialists to facilitate technology that inspires learning, critical thinking, and meaningful application. If we want 21st century learners, we have to put our school libraries there as well.

In the misc. dept. other things I’ve checked out lately include chacha, thebigread, and redroom and speckyboy


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Things 10, 11, 12


M. Spellings’ secret wish

Thing 10 – Got to love online image generator magic. Courtesy of FotoTrix and Google Images.

Thing 11 – really liked the Traveler IQ challenge! And I did pretty well too 🙂 I had already planned on joining the Texas School Librarians Ning when I get the jobby job. As far as the list 2.0 goes, I was surprised by how many I had heard of just through my own searches and reading.  In fact, in this week’s Time, there is a quick blurt about free software.

Thing 12 – Rollyo – have named it “Lookit” and it is now on my bookmark bar. I set it up for resources and ideas for the classes I’m taking now.

And I have to say I really enjoyed reading the posts on WordPress about “The Wire”. It, too, is in Time this week.  Now what am I going to do on Sunday nights?


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Things 8 & 9

So this week I began set up my Google Reader (#8) , and throughout the week, I added these RSS feeds (#9). At first I was like, “What’s the big deal with RSS?” I wasn’t really excited about having to wrangle more information that I may/may not find useful, generally interesting, or entertaining. However, I wasn’t as dismayed as I assumed I would be for the following reasons: Google Reader’s format was logical, the tags were clear enough, and I limited myself to the following blogs for different purposes:

copy this blog – by the UT iSchool’s computer lab manager

Not So Distant Future – by Austin Westlake’s High School Librarian – when my blog grows up, it wants to look this

School Library Blogs – what’s going on out there

TLA Blog – since I’m going to Dallas in April for my first conference, I figured I better know what is going on and I’m a member

Unshelved – because I like cartoons and this site



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Things 5-7

Thing #5 – explore Flickr. Check. Now I just need to take more photos so I can post more. I guess I had better figure out the new digital camera in the house..

Thing #6 – from the Flickr logo maker:


from Kubrickr applications from Flickr- the new photo on my header – courtesy of mcavOy – thank you, whoever you are. I absolutely love Alaska. My dream job would be a librarian either in one the Haines, AK, schools or in the Haines Borough Public Library. It is one of the best public libraries I’ve ever had the pleasure of using.


Image credit:

Thing #7

For my technology-related blogedy-blog, this week I set up my own iTunes library. I had been bumming off my husband’s library, but since I really like setting up playlists for my Shuffle, I wanted to make my own playlists without him laughing at what I would come up with. I think I’ll download a podcast next. I foresee a lot of chances to improve my technological savvy this spring. One of my classes will require designing a website for children to improve media literacy. As soon as it is underway, I’ll put it here.

And props to Holy Librarian for really great blog.

Image credit for the header photo “Fireweed and the Backdrop”:

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Grendel & Thing 4

This is Grendel. She smiles all the time.

So I uploaded this photo from iPhoto to Flickr and from there to here. Not too difficult.

My technological adventures this week included using Zotero and a couple of other dashboard widgets from UT’s library to help with managing databases and article retrieval. Zotero will need some practice – slightly overwhelming 😦 .

I’m feeling strangely confident thus far.



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